We develop hardware products for the medical, consumer, and technology fields.

We are Driven to Innovate.

Driven Innovation specializes in helping teams get their unique product ideas successfully to market. We have developed a unique set of skills over many years and diverse programs which allows us to manage tight resources, unknowns in critical areas, and aggressive timelines.

Why Driven?

We solve difficult hardware problems which demand innovative solutions. Solutions which require a comprehensive combination of the following:

program planning / program management

mechanical design / ME

user interface / user experience

DFM and production manufacturing management

product aesthetics / ID

Driven Innovation understands the pressure to succeed. A wrong turn can devastate a product development program. Wherever you are in your development process, we can help develop and guide you and your medical, consumer or technology product to a successful mass produced solution.

"The entire staff at Driven Innovation is easy to work with and we collaborated as if they were an extension of our Engineering department. They took the time to understand the functional requirements of our products, the ergonomic needs of our customers, and the initial design ideas from our Engineering team, and designed something that exceeded those inputs."

David Chen - MidLabs Chief Design Engineer




Driven Innovation knows medical. We have designed and engineered medical products ranging from handheld disposable devices to large scale systems.


Driven Innovation understands consumer trends. We have created high volume mass produced products for some of the worlds biggest brands.



Driven Innovation understands the technical demands required to develop today's complicated technology products. We have the tools and experience to get your product into production.

Laptop connector and latching mechanism animation

The Driven design difference. Industrial design.

Driven Innovation creates beautiful looking products. But that is only a small part of the Driven design story. Our design process is a highly organized collaboration between the Driven Innovation team and the client.  This helps us develop and execute on the program requirements, leading to the best possible product solution. We concentrate on understanding the true needs of the customer, the desires of our clients, and the requirements of manufacturing, in order to develop the perfect design solution. 

SkyElectric Smart Solar System

SkyElectric Smart Solar System

"In over a decade working with the Driven team, they consistently show a deep commitment toward the success of my product development programs.  Their depth of knowledge and unique skills keep the process on track and lead to products that are truly unique and distinguished in the market. They possess an excellent combination of both the artistic and technical aspects of industrial product design."

Ashar Aziz - Founder of FireEye, Inc.

CurlAire Suction Hair Curling System

CurlAire Suction Hair Curling System

“After working with Driven Innovation on a few products, the best way to describe them is a protein shake with all the great ingredients of talent, creativity, practicality,  business acumen, etc. with a great taste to top it off.”

Anchie Kuo, MD - Founder Thalos

Amped Innovation WOWsolar

Amped Innovation WOWsolar


“Driven Innovation has a talented and experienced team who worked hard to provide efficient and beautiful product designs for our company.  We are very thankful for their work in creating elegant designs with tremendous thought toward DFM.”

Whitney Goodwin - Director of Manufacture / Operations at Amped Innovation 

What is the Driven experience? Working with us.

Driven Innovation has one driving goal on every product development program we undertake: your success. We believe that if we miss this point, we have missed everything, because the Driven team knows that we succeed if our clients succeed. This focus colors everything we do and drives how we approach product development.  

Relentless attention to detail and functional design are the main focuses of every Driven program.  

"As a new client, I am most impressed by how Driven's team cares about making my program a success. I appreciate the patient explanations of why something works (their concepts) versus what doesn't work (my original concepts). Style that can be manufactured is why we chose Driven Innovation.”

Allen Hirashiki - Founder of startup MindFramers

The FireEye line of 1u and 2u servers. Brushed aluminum and high gloss edges compliment a matte black vent pattern to create a clean, elegant design. 

Driving to the goal: Mechanical Engineering.

Well thought out mechanical engineering is the key to a wonderful product. It means that a product is more than just the sum of its parts. Great products have a magic, cool factor in how they function which makes you fall in love with them. Simple, robust and elegant mechanically engineered solutions are what the Driven teams aspires to on every program we undertake. Driven Innovation engineering creates the CAD models and systems required to bring our designs to market. Our prototype network, production manufacturers and supplier sourcing along with our comprehensive program management all combine to get our client’s products successfully mass produced.

Bringing a product to market requires a dedicated team and the right, proven process. The Driven Innovation team has hands on experience developing and launching their own products and brands. After all, if we had not completed the process for our products, how could we know how to do it for yours? The process Driven Innovation uses has been perfected over years of experience and has shown that, if followed, will result in a successful product launch.

"Driven Innovation was very responsive to our product development needs. They developed a range of highly innovative engineering solutions that addressed the program goals. Those solutions were then validated through CAD simulation, multiple prototypes and real world testing. The final design Driven produced far exceeded the performance specifications."

Ben Harrison - Sales Engineer & Product Development at CLARCOR Industrial Air