Want to know how to get that perfect surface finish?

Complicated surface finishes can be difficult to manufacturer consistently and for a reasonable cost, but they can also make a product design spectacular.  A complex surface texture or a combination of surface textures can take some time to get right, so be prepared for that. But the reason for investing the effort is that sometimes a beautiful texture can make a design very eye catching and can convey a high level of quality and elegance. Some things to keep in mind when developing that texture and finish:

1)      Make sure to find a manufacturer that really understands the look and feel you want.

2)      Allow for some rounds of back and forth in order to get the texture right. There is nothing worse than trying to achieve a complex texture or texture combination and missing the mark.

3)      If you cannot get exactly the look you desire, dial it back and go for something simpler.

4)      Be open to different manufacturing methods in order to get the desired look at a manufactured price that is acceptable. This may result in slight design changes dictated by that manufacturing process.

5)      Once you start, see it through to the end. It will be worth it.

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