The next generation back support

BackShield is a revolutionary, elegant new back support and posture correcting device. The Driven team invented the BackShield concept from the earliest napkin sketch, made numerous prototypes to validate both performance and comfort, then worked directly with the manufacturer to execute the final product.

BackShield is now providing relief to many, both in the car and at the office.

How Driven solved the “back problem”

How Driven solved the “back problem”

The BackShield design was created with a combination of CAD simulation and real world mockups. These were used to dial in both the comfort and the performance. BackShield was engineered to have just the right amount of support and flexibility. This was achieved through careful design of the plastic substrate, controlling both the thickness and the shape.

BackShield Perspective 01 29 2018 no background.png

BackShield is manufactured from injection molded EVA foam, or PopFoam. This material allowed us to create an outer “skin” which covers the front of the product and wraps around all the edges. The result is a comfortable, durable, elegant looking product, so strong we drove a car over it with no damage!

BackSport C7 Renders 1 29 2018 no background.png

While BackShield is the flagship product, the Driven team created BackSport as the smaller, lighter weight alternative. Built with the same level of quality and performance, BackSport has a lower MSRP and uses compression molded EVA. The combination of high gloss plastic with the matte texture EVA creates a noticeable product.


The design of BackSport allows for easy application of custom graphics to the EVA foam.