Case Study - Wowsolar

The WOWsolar line of products provide Pay-As-You-Go power for off-the-grid families in emerging markets.

These products provide home lighting and cell phone charging for those parts of the world living on four dollars or less a day. Over time, users simply add solar panels and battery packs to climb the energy ladder.


Driven Innovation worked side by side with the team at Amped Innovation providing Industrial Design, Mechanical Design / engineering, light pipe design, CAD structural simulation, and production DFM for the main product housing, external lights and wall mount bracket.


Product assembly

The main product housing consists of two injection molded parts. All internal components are loaded into the bottom housing and the front housing is secured from the back.

Amped WOWSolar.161.png

Housing textures

High gloss surfaces are used as contrast to the light body texture and to accentuate the front control surface. 



Amped WOWSolar.167.png

Connectors and bracket

The main housing locks onto the wall bracket.All external connectors were grouped together on the sides and positioned underneath the round overhang feature.





The external lights utilize a translucent domed lens to create an even, diffused light. 





The top housing and lens snap together. The PCB uses two screws and four pins to locate and attach to the top housing.




The main housing has numerous internal features to hold the internal components and to allow access to external connectors.

light pipe.png

Driven designed and engineered a custom light pipe. This part combined light pipes for the status LED's and also light pipes for a seven segment display. This reduced cost and achieved the desired product look.

Case Study - BackShield / BackSport

BackShield is a revolutionary, elegant new back support and posture correcting device. The Driven team invented and executed the BackShield from the earliest napkin concept sketch to the final manufactured product. BackShield is now providing relief to many, both in the car and at the office.


The BackShield design was created with a combination of CAD simulation and real world mockups. These were used to dial in both the comfort and the performance. BackShield was engineered to have just the right amount of support and flexibility. This was achieved through careful design of the plastic substrate, controlling both the thickness and the shape.


BackShield is manufactured from injection molded EVA foam, or PopFoam. This material allowed us to create an outer “skin” which covers the front of the product and wraps around all the edges. The result is a comfortable, durable, elegant looking product, so strong we drove a car over it with no damage!


BackShield fits securely against car seats and office chairs. Its smooth back surface does not mark or damage the seat.

While BackShield is the flagship product, the Driven team created BackSport as the smaller, lighter weight alternative. Built with the same level of quality and performance, BackSport has a lower MSRP and uses compression molded EVA. The combination of high gloss plastic with the matte texture EVA creates a noticeable product.

BackSport C7 Front Render 01 29 2018.jpg
BackSport C7 Render Black on Black 01 16 2018 (2).jpg

The design of BackSport allows for easy application of custom graphics to the EVA foam.

BackSport Green with Camo Front View Render 11 28 2017.jpg