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A great product is one that anticipates its users needs. In order to create such a product, the development team must not only know who the user is, but also have empathy and understanding for how that user will interact with the product. The user interface and user experience of any stellar product must be the driving force behind how the team approaches the product development.


This is the road that Driven takes.


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The Driven Innovation process.

The Driven product development process resembles a tapered helix. A healthy development program will narrow in focus as decisions and progress are made. Constant evaluation is needed to assess that new information, as it is learned is in alignment with the ultimate goals. 


The Driven Innovation team consists of highly experienced individuals. We are designers, inventors, user experience specialists, engineers, and program managers. 

Driven Innovation provides the following program deliverables:

Program Initiation

Project planning

Product invention

Creative problem solving

Product visualization

Design storyboards

Product illustration

Process analysis

User definition


Industrial design

User interface design

User experience design

Ergonomic assessment and design

Graphical user interface design

Product graphics design

Color and material analysis

Brand refinement and definition


Mechanical concept development

Mechanical engineering / static and dynamic

CAD structural simulation

Product documentation / BOM

Production review and analysis

Tolerance and fit control

Program execution

Program management

Assembly documentation

Production sourcing

Vendor selection

Vendor management

Vendor execution and interaction

Material sourcing

Component sourcing

Process analysis

Cost analysis

Product communication

CAD renderings

Product animation

Presentation / creation and execution

Production drawings

Product presentation /storytelling

Technical drawings and diagrams

Color / texture control

Brand documentation and control


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